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IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment

We are one of the leading provider of innovative IT solutions offering Custom Application Development, Custom & Packaged ERP, Collaborative Computing Practices, Web & Portal Development, Security & Storage Solutions for various industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Consumer & Retail, IT, Telecom, ITES, Manufacturing & Healthcare.

For any company, undermining the importance of recruiting skilled IT staff is simply unimaginable. In today’s scenario, IT forms the backbone of an Organization’s existence and having the right set of people is essential for a seamless experience. However, finding suitable and reliable employees with required IT skills can be quite challenging. As Manpower providers, we understand the importance of IT staffing and offer comprehensive and flexible IT outsourcing services.

Our IT recruitment covers areas like Custom Application Development, Collaborative Computing Practices, Custom & Packaged ERP, Web & Portal Development, etc. We also offer Security and Storage services for industries like Banking & Financial Services, ITES, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

What we offer

Our IT recruitment services can be segregated into three main categories- Workforce Solutions, Managed Services, and Project Solutions. Each of these covers a wide range of services/solutions pertaining to IT Staffing.

Workforce Solutions

As a leading IT solution provider, we offer Workforce Solutions services and ensure that it is tailor-made to let you cope with fluctuating factors like cost, risk, time, control and expertise, etc. Our IT workforce solutions packages are made to keep your business agile and help you stay ahead of the competition.


IT Staff Augmentation

Sometimes, your company may need more skilled IT Staffing in departments like networking, IT security, and accounting. Instead of relying on local IT staffing agencies, you need to explore global IT staffing companies that can provide you withglobal best practices. We can offer skilled, reliable IT staff for any business needs, for interim and long term basis.


Permanent Recruitment

You may have a requirement for highly specialized niche technically skilled IT Personnel on your roll. What we do differently is maintain a pool of such profiles having combination skills and tap into this pool whenever the need arises. With this pool, as a top IT solution provider, we can supply skilled and apt candidates for permanent IT recruitment needs.


Hire - Train – Deploy

To executes certain IT projects in your company; you may need to deploy people who are well versed in that project and are comfortable in the work environment from day 1. Hire-Train-Deploy offers just that.


Campus Hiring Solutions

Experis has a trained workforce for campus hiring. Enlisted in the top 500 colleges in the country, we have access to a database all graduating freshers from these colleges and arrange campus hiring in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Whether it is for an internship or long term IT needs, we offer the best candidates.


Executive Hiring

To ensure all IT related processes run smoothly in your company, hiring the best coding experts and database administrators will not be enough! You will need a handful of employees with a robust background in management and expertise in IT team handling. That is where our Executive Hiring package fits in. Ask us for candidates with expertise in IT project and workflow management. Pre-Retirement Solutions - Do you need employees with decades of experience in the IT sector for managing important upcoming projects in the company? It is time you discard the usual IT solutions companies and seek our Pre-Retirement service. As part of our IT outsourcing services, we offer veterans and senior staff significant expertise in managing large-scale IT projects.

Managed Services

We have considerable expertise in offering Managed Services, and that covers infrastructure, security, and application in IT services. We offer flexible IT staffing to manage IT operations in a standalone or comprehensive manner.


Network, Security & Storage Management

As your company grows, managing IT security, networking, and data storage become cumbersome. You need reliable and skilled staff to handle these crucial operations. Try our IT outsourcing services to ensure these are taken care of.


Data Centre Services

Running and maintaining the data center of your company needs very high security protocol to be maintained. From security to backup, everything needs to be error-free. Typical IT staffing companies India may not fit the bill. Count on Aggresstech Solutions for Datacenter management, anywhere.


Application Management & Maintenance

Apps for everything whether convenience of transaction or maintenance of records or tracking staff and inventory. Experis can design, develop and maintain apps with the latest UI/UX features to cater to your business needs. Apps can be developed and maintained by your organization through contingent workforce or what we commonly call temporary IT Staffing.


End-User Support Services

Typically, the companies making software, gadgets, and networking products and solutions need to offer support to the end-users. It makes sense to outsource this task to skilled staff who can support you on Voice and Non voice services. Rely on our IT outsourcing services to ensure the supply of apt end-user support staff.

Project Solutions

To ensure proper execution of your company's IT projects, you need candidates with the required skills and capability to accomplish tasks within the timeline. With the typical IT recruitment agencies, it is hard to get candidates who fulfill both parameters! At Aggresstech Solutions, we offer tailor-made Project solutions so that your specific IT recruitment needs are met.

We have expertise in IT outsourcing services covering Design Services, System Implementation, and Application Development Management. We are capable of offering scalable and cost-effective IT solutions to match your company needs. You get absolute control and the manpower to maintain agility.


Business Transformation

The deployment of new IT technologies and specialized applications often change workflow in many companies. It has a long lasting impact on the staffs, work culture and processes in the company. We offer necessary IT staffing to accomplish such workplace transformations.


Custom Applications Development

Sometimes using third-party software solutions is not viable, and you may require in-house software. You need veteran, skilled candidates capable of developing such solutions. Count on our IT recruitment service for the supply of such candidates, anytime.


Digital workspace

In a world where working from home is becoming the norm, many businesses are embracing the idea of digital workspace. It focuses on User based IT services and enables the employees to work with flexibility.


Enterprise applications

Like many other entities, you may want to embrace Enterprise applications for your company as the advantages are obvious. Using CRM and ERP applications helps in enhancing workflow and productivity in the organization. We can supply you with skilled candidates to operate such specializedtools.


Cloud and infrastructure

Nowadays, nearly every company is switching to cloud services for diverse operational needs. We have the requisite expertise to provide you with Cloud and infrastructure services and the maintenance of the same as well. This helps in enhancing operational efficiency and safety of data.


Cyber security

In an era when cybercrime keeps MNCs on their toes, your company requires skilled staff to handle online security threats and implement Cyber Security measures best suited for your industry. Try our IT staffing services to safeguard your company’s computer networks against hacking and other cyber attacks.

Offshore Development Center

The icing on the cake is our Offshore Development Center, through which we deliver quality improvement, workforce flexibility, cost reduction, and implementation efficiency. It gives us an edge over typical IT recruitment agencies. We offer services covering the following Practice Areas:

• Application Development & Support - J2EE/ASP/.Net/PHP/SAP/Vendavo
• Web & Portal Development
• Support Services

Vendor management Services

In a fast-paced and unpredictable market, organizations must be able to react quickly. Increasingly, employers are utilizing contingent workforce strategies to provide flexibility. As the number of contingent and contract workforce sources increases, so do the challenges, such as managing cost, standardizing processes and tracking performance. What is required to address this challenge is a service provider who can streamline the process and manage multiple staffing vendors at one go. To gain control and have visibility over all operations, large organizations are turning to Managed Service Provider (MSP) - a comprehensive solution that optimizes contingent workforce management and drives performance through people, process and technology.

Our Managed Service Provider solutions have the capability, resource, reach and expertise to manage your service providers, standardize the process and recruitment vendors, thereby delivering cost efficiency and homogeneity. Our platform provides more predictability to your sourcing channels, as well as introducing you to innovative new workforce models that may strengthen your performance. We deliver the results you need from your contingent workforce to win your business goals.

If your organisation has multiple vendors for contingent staffing, you can count on us to be your master vendor to handle your workforce across geographies, solving your vendor management challenges.

Our solutions add value by delivering results that increase efficiency, transparency, manage spends, reduce costs and most importantly mitigate risks. They include:

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM)

Contingent workers (e.g., consultants, freelancers, independent contractors and even temporary staff) are popular options for companies. Yet, unfortunately, most companies lack expertise to fully take advantage of this opportunity. CWM solutions are designed to manage all contingent workforce activities (right from sourcing to separation), support administrative functions by establishing performance metrics, negotiate SLAs, evaluate vendors, standardize reporting and manage day-to-day operations.

We have the most experienced solutions design and implementation teams in the industry globally. We partner with client teams across HR, IT and Procurement to continuously improve processes and results.

Services Procurement Management (SPM)

Outsourcing specific and complex support functions helps companies better manage spends and focus on core business growth. As the complexity of managing these workgroups increases, partnering with us as your Managed Service Provider can help simplify operations.

Leveraging our CWM expertise and best practices, we refine the process and deliver vendors who match the culture and expectations of the clients without compromising on the cost.

Integrated Resource Fulfilment (IRF)

Our Integrated Resource Fulfilment solution centralizes the management of multiple workforce requirements through a single platform, including traditional contingent workers, project-based workers and independent contractors. By managing all of these requirements in a single global window, clients can access dashboards and progress reports at the click of a button.

IRF makes management of tactical contingent labour workflow more strategic. It provides clients with a complete view of their workforce and increases the ability to effectively plan and manage to strategic business targets.

Connect with us and see how our partnership can help your organisation achieve quality, efficiency, compliance and cost savings which no other MSP company in India would be able to deliver.

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